Hey gorgeous soul


My name is Lea Alexandra and I help women clear their acne and heal their skin without the stress, obsession, years of struggle and throwing money at EVERYTHING only to have NOTHING work.

In 2017 I got acne after going of the birth control pill and at that point in my life I was just coming out of the rock bottom of my life and I now had acne to deal with on top of that. Save to say I wasn't thrilled. 

Through a lot of mindset work and reprogramming I was not only able to clear my skin without any diet changes, special products, medication or doctors, I also got my life back that used to be CONSUMED by insecurity and obsession.


I was finally able to go places without makeup, let people see and touch my skin, no longer cancel plans and make memories without the constant though of acne in the back of my head.

And today, I am helping other women do that same thing!

I have been where you are!

 I was obsessed and worried about my skin everyday and had zero confidence

 I would put on layers and layers of foundation JUST to go to the gym, to the pool or eat breakfast with family.

 I wouldn’t spend nights at friends houses because I knew that meant taking off my makeup.

I wouldn't open the door for a package because I was ashamed of my skin.

And worst of all:

I would spend HOURS in front of the mirror telling myself how gross and ugly I was, picking at my skin, yelling, crying, thinking I looked like a monster.

And now?

I am more confident and have more self love than ever

  I barely wear makeup anymore.

  I walk outside with my head held high not giving a 💩 or even noticing if people are looking at me.

  I go swimming, to the gym, stay at friends houses without a second thought or worry about my skin.

  I feel confident meeting new people, making eye contact and being in social settings, no longer embarrassed and ashamed of my skin.

  I know my worth, I fully love myself, acne scars, pimples, hyper pigmentation and all.

I teach women how to clear their acne effortlessly and with ease WITHOUT wasting thousands on products, medication, diets and doctors only to have them end up not working.

Clearing your skin and living free from the constant worry doesn't have to be hard.

It gets to be EASY



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