you could go to the beach, gym and pool without makeup on and just enjoy your time

you no longer feared being bare faced because you are confident with or without makeup

you could be spontaneous in your life again instead of worrying about if you have time to cover your skin

 worrying about other people's judgment of your bare skin was no longer even a thought on your mind

 you could wear makeup because you WANT to not because you feel like you HAVE to to cover your skin


you could enjoy your life and make me memories instead of stressing about your skin

 you no longer cancelled plans out of worry over how your skin looks

  • You spend hours trying to cover every inch of your skin out of worry somebody will see your acne

  • You cancel plans because you didn't have time to put on makeup and don't dare anyone see your bare face

  • You are shackled to your makeup, wear it wherever you go even if you don't want to

  • You don't feel pretty or good enough bare faced


In this masterclass you will learn how to:

easily leave the house without makeup on

be confident without makeup on in all situations and being around people

be spontaneous again instead of worrying if you have time to put makeup on

no longer waste hours caking your face, making sure every tiny spot is covered (ain't nobody got time for that)

enjoy the summer bare faced instead of sweating your foundation off

go to the beach, pool and gym makeup and worry free


  • recorded lecture-style video class+workbook

  • lifetime access

  • learn at your own pace+from the comfort of your home

  • *future updates+additional content included*

This Masterclass is valued at $300

 but today it's yours for only $22

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