THE BUTTERFLY ACADEMY is a 6-week group program designed for women to finally be confident in their skin again, learn how to no longer let their acne dictate their lives and finally feel FREE from the worry and obsession their skin is causing them.

✔️ you no longer had to fear that your acne will never go away or be scared of new breakouts which keeps you up at night

✔️ you finally felt confident in your skin and FREE from the constant worry and obsession you are currently experiencing

✔️ you could go ANYWHERE without makeup on and be confident in your skin whether at the beach, the gym, or staying overnight at someone’s house

✔️ you felt confident and good AF around people and on dates without worrying that they are judging you for your skin

✔️ you could be spontaneous in your life again instead of having to worry about your acne or if you have time to put on makeup

✔️ you woke up in the morning without your first thought and worry being your skin.

✔️ you ditched that shackle to your makeup and could go to the beach, pool, gym make-up and worry free.

✔️ your skin didn’t influence your life, mood and happiness anymore

  • Do you ever cancel plans and dates because you are insecure about your skin?
  • Do you feel sad and upset about your acne and skin daily and just don't know what to do anymore?
  • Did you stop going out and doing fun things because of your insecurity and shame about your acne?
  • Do you lack confidence and self-esteem because of your skin?
  • Have you ever found yourself spending hours in front of the mirror feeling upset about your skin?
  • Are you completely shackled to your makeup because you fear people judging you or staring at you and your skin?

Do you want to ENJOY your life again and be FREE instead of worrying and obsessing 24/7?


I have been where you are!

 I was obsessed and worried about my skin everyday and had zero confidence

 I would put on layers and layers of foundation JUST to go to the gym, to the pool or eat breakfast with family.

 I wouldn’t spend nights at friends houses because I knew that meant taking off my makeup.

I wouldn't open the door for a package because I was ashamed of my skin.

And worst of all:

I would spend HOURS in front of the mirror telling myself how gross and ugly I was, picking at my skin, yelling, crying, thinking I looked like a monster.

And now?

I am more confident and have more self love than ever

  I barely wear makeup anymore.

✓  I walk outside with my head held high not giving a 💩 or even noticing if people are looking at me.

  I go swimming, to the gym, stay at friends houses without a second thought or worry about my skin.

  I feel confident meeting new people, making eye contact and being in social settings, no longer embarrassed and ashamed of my skin.

  I know my worth, I fully love myself, acne scars, pimples, hyper pigmentation and all.

Inside The Butterfly Academy I will take you through my 6 phase process the Butterfly Formula which is proven to completely transform your mindset around yourself and your skin so you can break out of your fear cocoon and blossom into your best, most confident and healed self.
This is the formula that will help you feel confident in your skin and no longer obsess and worry over it.
declutter +
make space
be kind
to yourself



reclaim your
re-guide your
face your


My life has done a complete 180! I am a completely different person. I still breakout but it's not ruining my life. It's hard to put into words how much of an impact this has had on my life. But not only that, everyone around me and their lives. To see me happier and enjoying this life has changed everything for me. I no longer spend hours crying over my skin or let it stop me doing the things I love. If I have a breakout I slap on concealer or sometimes I don't and off I go. I have let my skin dictate my whole life for nearly 10 years and now I feel free. I am showing myself love and kindness something I never did and I am excited for my future. I journal everyday and I am thankful that I am on this journey. Over 10 years i have spent thousands on every skincare product ever made! ...this though was hands down the best investment I have ever made for myself. And I will be forever grateful that i stumbled across Lea!!!




Thank you so much for helping me change not only my mindset, but also my whole life and the way I see myself.


I am pretty great & thanks to you I know it now by myself. No more obsessing over my skin or other things in my life (esp. the ones I don't have an influence on), no more hiding, no more pretending and much more LIVING MY OWN BEST LIFE. I cannot thank you or recommend your program enough! The power is in myself and with you I found it and can finally use it. Thanks for helping me being myself and loving it!





Do it! I wish that I had done it sooner. I can honestly say I don't think I would be where I'm at today if I hadn't applied. Changing my mindset has given me the courage to go for things that I've been holding myself back from. I finally started applying for jobs - something I was afraid to do before because I felt I looked 'unprofessional.' I even ended up having a great interview thanks to the confidence I've gained! The Butterfly Academy is great because Lea takes you through step by step but you can also go back over any areas you want to work on more. And Lea supports you every step of the way. I'm so excited for the new things that are happening in my life - many of the things I thought I couldn't do until my skin was clear. Only thing holding me back was me.




 Finally be confident AF no matter how your skin looks and no matter if you are wearing makeup or not

No longer wasting fortunes on makeup, products and treatments that don't work and instead make smarter decisions about your skin from a place of love and confidence vs fear and desperation so it lasts.

✿ Going out with your head held high, giving no F's if people are looking at you because you don't need outside approval.

✿ Feeling beautiful and confident AF in any situation, makeup or no makeup.


✿ Going swimming, to the gym and staying at friends houses without a second thought or worry about your skin, just enjoying your life and the people around you.

✿ Feeling confident and comfortable meeting new people, making eye contact and being in social settings, no longer embarrassed and ashamed of your skin.


✿ Fully loving yourself, acne scars, pimples, hyper pigmentation and all and showing up in your life as 100% you.

You have tried everything and nothing works??



✓ Weekly live group coaching+Q&A call (6 total) (1.800€ value)

✓ 24/7 messaging access to Lea (800€ value)

✓ Workbook for each module (6 total) (300€ value)

✓ a community of women right there by your side to support you and cheer you on (300€ value)

lifetime access to all trainings (priceless)


✓ Magic Morning MASTERCLASS: The Secret to Stop Obsessing Over Your Skin (300€ value)


 Hack your Mind MASTERCLASS: Affirm and Visualize Your Way to Dream Skin and Confidence (300€ value)

 Bare Faced Confidence MASTERCLASS: Become a Master at Being Confident Without Makeup in Any Situation (300€ value)

✓ Bonus Resources to ensure your success (affirmations, journal prompts, success tips etc.) (200€ value)

Total value: over 4.000€

Your investment: 547€

(**payment plans available)

You can continue to “try to figure it out on your own“, spend another year in the same mindset and with the same problems...


 OR you can join BA today and be the confident, happy, worry and stress free YOU you have always wanted to be in just 6 weeks.

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