If you are done with letting your acne and insecurities dictate your life and mood and you are ready to take back the control over your self love and confidence the Confidence Collective is perfect for you.



is a collection of exclusive and powerful video trainings+ resources for you to learn how to feel confident af in your skin, no longer let your acne dictate your life and mood, learn skills on self love and embracing who you are, show up in your life 100% you, tools on how to deal with stress and anxiety + so much more.

✓...you could feel beautiful and confident even with imperfect skin.

✓...you could feel confident meeting new people, making eye contact and being in social settings, no longer embarrassed and ashamed of your skin.

✓...you fully loved yourself, acne scars, pimples, hyper pigmentation and all and showed up in your life as 100% you.

✓... how your skin looked no longer dictated your day and mood


✓...your constant worry and obsession with your skin faded and you replaced it with joy and positivity

✓...you could easily leave the house without makeup on saving yourself those 30 minutes in front of the mirror

you are done with your skin dictating your life and mood and are ready to take back that power.

you want to learn how to no longer be consumed by worry and thoughts over your skin all day.

you are ready to finally feel confident AF in your skin in social settings, on dates, when talking to people and want to go through life full of self love with your head held high.


you have tried **everything to feel better about your skin but nothing seems to work


you have always wanted to work with me but aren’t quite ready for the commitment and investment in a personal coach yet.

LIFETIME ACCESS to 3 masterful video trainings

  • 6 Steps to Confidence (150€ value)

  • How to overcome and work WITH your negative thoughts (150€ value)

  • Conquer Dating with Acne (150€ value)

LIFETIME ACCESS to 5 PDF downloads including success tips to ensure you kicking your insecurities to the curb for good, 2 life changing methods to easily switch from worry to confidence + more (100€ value)

LIFETIME ACCESS to any future updates, changes and added trainings in the Collective (100€ value)

✓ Ability to ask all your questions via email and get them answered within 48 hours by Lea (200€ value)


Watch the videos 2, 5, 10 times, take all the notes that you want and learn at your own speed and in your own time.


Included are video trainings that I have created for and worked through with my 1:1 clients **only and am now sharing with you. 






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