• your mood is completely depended on how your skin looks

  • you obsess and worry over your acne 24/7, it's never leaving your mind

  • you have tried everything to feel confident again and clear your skin but nothing seems to work

  • you stopped going to the beach, pool and staying overnight at friends houses out of shame over your skin


be FREE from your skin and the constant stress, anxiety and worry

go to the beach, pool, gym again cake-face and worry free

watch your skin heal and your acne finally disappear

feel confident AF around people and in all situations

wake up in the morning WITHOUT your acne being the first thing on your mind

go places without makeup and feel confident with your bare face


 ✓ you are committed to changing your life and mindset so your skin will never be an issue for you again

you are ready to financially invest in yourself and your mental and emotional well being

you are willing to do what it takes to become a master of your mindset, heal your acne with the Law of Attraction and your own mental power and be free from your skin stress and anxiety

you are ready to commit to yourself and this high-touch, customized to you 1-1 coaching with Lea (3 month minimum commitment)

  • 12 weeks private coaching

  • weekly 1-1 private training call with Lea 

  • 24/7 messaging access to Lea

  • access to all masterclasses and bonuses

  • everything is 100% customized for you and your needs+wants

If you want be confident AF in your skin again and be FREE from the constant worry and stress over it for good to live your life again, Lea is your girl!

Investment: $2,997

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